The SAGE SatCom executive team is driven by innovation and supported by a team of dedicated and highly experienced professionals who hold their performance to the highest standards. Together, we are committed to deliver the best in satellite communications solutions to our customers and partners throughout the world.


Moseley Associates and subsidiaries

Jamal Hamdani is the CEO of Moseley Associates and all of its subsidiaries including REMEC Broadband Wireless Networks and its dba BridgeWave Communications. Prior to acquiring Moseley in a management buyout in 1992, Mr. Hamdani held various management positions with General Research Corporation, the BBC, and Philips Research Laboratories. Mr. Hamdani became CEO of Moseley in 1996, after which he focused the company on growth as well as breadth. Over the last decade, his leadership resulted in the companies’ delivering revenues in excess of $1 billion and produced incomes to shareholders prior to taxes in excess of $350 million. Mr. Hamdani was a pioneer in Digital Signal Processing and spent five years in Africa as a consultant designing and installing telecommunication networks. After twice being honored as a finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year™ award for technology, he won the award in 2002. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from ABU Nigeria and his Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from Netherlands University. In addition, he attended the AEA Executive Management Program at Stanford. Mr. Hamdani is passionate in creating a world in which everyone gives to others what they want for themselves. He is actively involved in various charitable causes around the world.


REMEC Broadband Wireless Networks (RBWN), dba BridgeWave Communications and dba SAGE SatCom

Dave Newman has over 26 years of experience in the microwave radio industry including roles in executive management, operations, product management, business development, and marketing. Formerly the chief executive officer of REMEC Broadband Wireless (RBW), Mr. Newman became President of RBWN after the company’s acquisition by Moseley in 2015. Mr. Newman was also a founding member of Innova Corporation in which he held several key roles as it grew from start-up to a successful IPO prior to its acquisition in 1998 by Digital Microwave Corporation (DMC). After the acquisition, Mr. Newman ultimately served as Vice President of Business Operations for DMC. Mr. Newman holds a BS degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Colorado, Boulder, and a MS degree in International Business from the Thunderbird School of Global Management.


Senior Vice President, Engineering
REMEC Broadband Wireless Networks (RBWN), dba BridgeWave Communications and dba SAGE SatCom

Mr. Ziai brings over 30 years of experience in the design and development of wireless products including microwave/mm-wave point-to-point, point-to-multi point radios, VSAT terminals, transceivers, PAs, LNAs, synthesizers and MMICs. As an engineering management executive, Mr. Ziai leads technical teams to design and manufacture innovative technology solutions that are modular, scalable, and reliable. Prior to his 20 years at REMEC, he was the Director of Engineering at RF Microsystems, and previously held various senior design positions at General Dynamics, Loral, and Wavetek. He has been awarded three patents in microwave sensing and point-to-point wireless communication. He holds a M.S. and B.S. in Electrical Engineering from San Diego State University, and Engineering Management certificate from University of California, San Diego.


Senior Vice President, Operations
REMEC Broadband Wireless Networks (RBWN), dba BridgeWave Communications and dba SAGE SatCom

Mr. Opalski has over 25 years of experience in engineering, business development, corporate development, and operational/general management. He was a founding member of REMEC’s commercial business unit in 1996 and formerly served as the company’s chief operating officer. Following the acquisition of REMEC by Moseley in 2015, Mr. Opalski became Senior Vice President of Operations of REMEC Broadband Wireless Networks (RBWN). Mr. Opalski holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from MIT.


Senior Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing
REMEC Broadband Wireless Networks (RBWN), dba BridgeWave Communications and dba SAGE SatCom

Sanjay Nagpal has held sales and marketing leadership positions in the wireless industry for more than 20 years, and currently serves as senior vice president of global sales, marketing, and customer support for REMEC Broadband Wireless Networks, BridgeWave Communications, and SAGE/Satcom. Prior to joining REMEC, Sanjay held executive leadership positions at other leading wireless manufacturers including Motorola and Axxcelera. Sanjay holds an MSEE from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, and an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.


Vice President, Marketing
REMEC Broadband Wireless Networks (RBWN), dba BridgeWave Communications and dba SAGE SatCom

Pamela Valentine has over 25 years of corporate and channel marketing experience with high technology companies from startups to global corporations. Prior to joining REMEC/BridgeWave, she was vice president of outbound and channel marketing at Exalt Communications, where her efforts were responsible for establishing Exalt as a leading global brand in microwave. Before Exalt, she held senior management positions at Firetide, Proxim Wireless, Apple Computer, and 3Com Corporation, and was the CEO of MktFX, a marketing consulting agency with a large roster of high technology clients including Cisco, Sun, and IBM.